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5 Money Making Systems to Generate a Monthly Income

Everyone seems to be talking about systems these days. There’s a system for generating money, a system for increasing website traffic and a system for collecting emails. There’s even a system for creating a system.

So what Is the big deal? and why do we need them?

Well in my experience, systems are essential for running a successful and profitable business. I myself use them all the time, as they help me to keep on top of all my business activities.

For example, I have a number of investment properties, which I receive rental income from each month.

I use a letting agent to collect the rents and to manage all the maintenance on the properties. The system I use, allows me to spend very little time on the business. This in turn means more time to create money making opportunities on the internet.

This Is The System I Use Each Month For My Property Business

1. Check letting statements to confirm rental payments.

2. Check bank statements to confirm rental payments.

3. Check bank statements to confirm mortgage payments.

4. Update all property transactions in excel spreadsheet and property software.

5. Update all property expenses in excel spreadsheet and property software.

This five simple step system ensures my property business is up to date and running efficiently. The best part is, I only spend about two hours each month. Without this simple system I would be spending a lot more time maintaining my property business.

It’s Essential To Use Your Valuable Time On What Really Matters

It’s essential to use your valuable time on what really matters. So if you are trying to make money on the internet, you will know by the sheer volume of information available, how much time is needed to digest it all. By being organised and having systems in place, your chances of becoming successful and making a great deal of money online will increase ten fold.

I’m sure you have come across many so called money making systems on your internet travels. You know the ones I mean, they promise to make you a ton of money if you follow three simple steps. No doubt you have wasted your time, money and energy on such schemes.

I use a number of money making systems myself, that puts money in my bank account on a regular basis. These systems are tried and tested and are used by many, if not all successful internet marketers.

Each month I have a system I use, which keeps the website up to date and optimised for the search engines. As long as I complete the system each month, I know that the website has a good chance of maintaining a regular flow of traffic and income.

1. Make sure all links are still working.

2. Add a new article.

3. Submit article to the following directories: Ezine Articles, isnare, Go Articles, Articlebase and Easy Articles.

4. Re-arrange the home page and or add new copy.

5. If required re-submit website to Google and Yahoo.

These five simple steps ensure my website has a good chance of regular traffic and income. I also, carry out a number of other marketing strategies to increase traffic. These include PPC (pay per click) and taking part in forum discussions.

To read more about how Kelvin generates regular income form his websites, simply click the links below.

Kelvin Rush has been making money on the internet for many years now. He has a number of websites on a variety on topics including affiliate marketing, luxury food and wine hampers, coin collecting and real estate to name a few.

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