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5 Tips to Make Money Selling on eBay

Since eBay went public in 1998, it has become the preferred means to sell online. It is very accessible for the average person, both to buy and sell, and its huge online presence guarantees a good amount of online traffic for your auctions. The following 5 tips will help you make money selling on eBay:

1: Do some research. This is the key starting point in selling anything, anywhere. Look at what’s selling on eBay and for how much. If you see a particular item or items that appear to be “hot,” take your research out into the wider web and Google it. Find out where else that item is selling and for how much. If you can get a good supply of that item for less than what you can get for it on eBay, then you have a winner!

2: Know your item. This means different things, depending on what you’re selling. For example, if it is a diamond ring set in gold, you should know the carat weight of the stone and the gold. You should know the quality of the stone and the type of cut.

3: Use pictures. People like to see what they’re buying. If you’re selling an item that you’re having drop-shipped and you don’t have the actual item on-hand to take your own photos, you can use the stock images available from your drop-shipping catalog. Never, ever, use someone else’s pictures without first getting permission to use them.

4: Use keywords and descriptive, catchy phrases in your title. You want your title to contain words that your potential customers will input into the eBay search function so that they can easily find your item. Beyond that, your title will be the first thing that your potential customer sees and you want the title to entice people to click it. If no one clicks on your listing, you won’t make a sale.

5: Finally, make good use of the tools that eBay provides to make attractive listings. You can bold the title, add a second line right underneath the title where you can use a more descriptive phrase to describe your item. You can also have your title highlighted. These features cost a little extra, but sometimes, that little extra bit can help you sell your item. Having a little knowledge in HTML can help you improve the look of your listings as well.

Kathy McGraw is a full time internet marketer and a budding web-designer. You can read her blog at:

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