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My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!
Mind Thine altimeter lest the ground rise up to smite Thee! Image by Cate Storymoon Location: Tierra de Fuego… For my dad, George, my uncles, and my sister Shari — a little story: I’m convinced that my sisters and I come by our love of aviation epi-gentically, having not only our father, an aircraft […]
How Snapchat and stupidity almost left five people dead Snapchat's speed filter is an awful, awful idea. For those unaware, it's a feature of the popular messaging app Snapchat that uses sensors in a smartphone to record the speed at which a user is traveling when he or she sends a message. Users earn … […]
Teatox Party The teatox industry is enormous, with hundreds of brands from all over the world selling their products — and paying as much as a quarter of a million dollars per post to get the influencer seal of approval. In fact, promoting … Those that are more … Read more on Racked Trump, Clinton […]
Almost Lover Image by dollen Colorado Model Kirbie B Maybe it’s just the Fat Tire (beer) and orange slice talking here… or the sleep depravation that has become a necessary evil for image processing. Regardless, I have been thinking. Why not make some resolutions? Nothing that will improve my physical health or put any […]