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Train With the Grain Cycling Cap and Goodies
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Image by emilydickinsonridesabmx
I was amped to get this amazing package of goodies from Bob’s Red Mill this morning! I’m also happy to spread the word about the killer stuff they make. Here’s why.

I love racing Cyclocross. It’s one of my absolute favorite ways to spend my time. There’s nothing better then racing a bike around a muddy field, in sub zero temperatures, soaking wet, covered in mud, suffering as you jump barriers and carry your bike up and down stairs. It’s brutal, but anyone who races CX will tell you how hooked they are.

Cyclocross is an extremely obscure backwater of the bike racing world, especially in the United States. The races are all grassroots, DIY affairs. Racers organize them because they want to race. It’s common to see the guy or gal you were just racing aganst keeping time or handing out the numbers for the next race. There are a handful of pros, but even they’re not making a living racing CX. At best they’re getting some free bikes and gas money. What’s the point of all this? If you’re clipping in to race CX, you’re doing iy because you love it. It’s a pure thing.

Bob’s Red Mill has been a huge spnsor of Cyclocross races all over the place. Nearly every race that I’ve lined up at, I’ve seen a Bob’s Red Mill banner, and occasionally some of their fine people handing out hot oatmeal after a race. There’s nothing better the dragging yourself over the finish line to have a steaming bowl of oeatmeal waiting to warm you up.

When Bob’s Red Mill recently offered to send me some goodies, I was more than happy to take them up on the offer. The fact that they sponsor CX races goes a long, lomg way with me. I’m sure there are many other places they could spend their advertising money and get much more exposure and bang for their buck Actually, I work in PR and Social Media, so I know exactly what sponsorhsips get you.

Basically, I’m all about companies that sponsor cyclocross, and if you race CX, you should be too. They sponsor races because they think CX races are awesome. I’m happy to support them back by buying their products, and spreading the word online. I’m not a shill. I can’t be bought off for a few bucks or some free stuff. I can give a huge thumbs up to companies that invest their time, money and products into Cyclocross to keep things running. So a big ‘Thanks’ to the crew over at Bob”s Red Mill for all these wholesome goodies, and for contnuing to support CX races year after year.

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