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Doing Surveys Online – Where Do You Get Paid the Most?

When you’re doing surveys online, do you constantly wonder where the better payments are? I have witnessed tons of people go through this thought process, because the average person signs up to very low paying places and miss out on the sites that give way more cash than the norm. If you really want to start doing surveys online and get the most money possible, you need to make a quick switch in how you look for them.

I don’t want to confuse you with this, so let me break it down into very simple terms. It’s all quite easy to do and it involves how you normally look for survey websites. Most of you (well over 90%!) are going about this the wrong way. There’s a strong chance that search engines have been playing a pretty big part in how you find survey websites. This will need to stop, because search engines are the leading reason why everyone gets led to such low paying survey places. If you’re tired of doing surveys online for these nasty payments, it’s time to put search engines out of your mind. The list of sites they give you is always horrible and they never include the better and more legit places.

That’s the first half of the process. The second half of the process involves a wonderful tool: Large forums. They are unbelievable tools for figuring out where the absolute best places are for doing surveys online. Why am I so confident about this, you ask? I’m confident because I’ve used them myself, many times over. If you dive into the archives of a large forum, you can yank up tons of topics about survey websites and general topics on the subject. It’s a vast place, where you are free to skim through any and all of the survey topics if you want to.

You just need to pick out a few of the larger topics and have a little fun scanning through them. It’s one of the only places where you get tons of honest knowledge about doing surveys online, because bigger forums delete all of the nasty spam and all of the false info. You are left with well intentioned people sharing their honest thoughts about the various survey sites they’ve joined. You get to read tons of comparison of all kinds of survey sites that you never even knew about.

It makes it enjoyable to start doing surveys online, because you start to see a lot more money in your pockets.

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