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Image from page 126 of “How we make ducks pay … an illustrated guide to the profitable breeding of our modern Pekin all-white mammoth ducklings; plain and thorough lessons for beginners and others everywhere who write for the details and secrets of our
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Title: How we make ducks pay … an illustrated guide to the profitable breeding of our modern Pekin all-white mammoth ducklings; plain and thorough lessons for beginners and others everywhere who write for the details and secrets of our waterless method..
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: American Pekin Duck Company, Boston
Subjects: Ducks
Publisher: Boston, Mass., American Pekin duck company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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at when they are ready to stop work andenjoy their fortune they have made a mistake. We haveknown poultry beginners, fanciful dreamers, to start witha plant costing as high as five thousand dollars, with fifteenhundred head of birds, and the stories of their failures wereblazoned all over their districts. If the average person ofeither sex, of ordinary inteUigence and ability, will start ina reasonable manner with ducks according to his or hermeans, and follow our teachings as given in this book, andby our letters, failure is next to impossible. An occasionalmistake is not going to put one out of the business. Anerror can be corrected, and the lesson having been learnedwill not be repeated. There is positively no out aboutthe duck business which will bring ruin. One man may notmake as much money as another, that is to be expected.It is a question of starting with the right stock, followingthe right teachings and acquiring skill, experience andcapacity, according to the individual. 119

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QUESTION BOX Q.—In my State (Texas) there do not seem to be anyducks like yours, and people with whom I talk do notthink there would be any sale for them. A.—Texas folkslike chickens, or beefsteaks. You dont live on cerealsaltogether, down your way, any more than we do. Youhave a clear field and, take our word for it, Texans willbuy good ducklings, pay your price, and come back toyou for more. Q.—I have a solid gold watch for which I paid fiftydollars six months ago, and it is as good as new. Howmany ducks and drakes will you give me for it? I wouldlike to be your agent out here, please quote agents prices.A.—^We sell for cash only; we have no agents and ourprices are the same to everybody, to customers either inour own county or thousands of miles away. Q.—If these ducklings are such exceptional eating, asyou state, why cant I get up an attractive little bookletand circular and mail them around and get a list of steadybuyers that way? A.—You can, and you ought to;that is

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