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Image from page 80 of “Capt. J. D. Winchester’s experience on a voyage from Lynn, Massachusetts, to San Francisco, Cal., and to the Alaskan gold fields …” (1900)
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Identifier: captjdwincheste00winc
Title: Capt. J. D. Winchester’s experience on a voyage from Lynn, Massachusetts, to San Francisco, Cal., and to the Alaskan gold fields …
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Winchester, James D
Subjects: Voyages to the Pacific coast
Publisher: Salem, Mass., Newcomb & Gauss, printers
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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or as heascended and get a splendid view. The upper town was more modern and had some finebuildings. We went along to the American hotel, and satfor a while beneath the shady alcoves of its luxuriant gar-den and rested. There was nothing more to be seen inBahia without money, so, after taking a long look at theharbor, all dotted with ships of every description, wewalked back to the lower town, got our dinner, and wenton board the schooner. THE LONG VOYAGE COMMENCED. 67 How beautiful the climate was here at this time of year.Everybody seemed to enjoy the best of health, althoughthe yellow jack was prevalent on board the ships, and thedoctors boat was kept busy running from one to another.Quite a number of small craft, with three or four masts,,on which was hoisted an oblong-shaped sail, seemed to bevery busy carrying fruit. The dug-out canoes were quitenumerous, being used for fishing about the bay, and I no-ticed they set a trawl. While we were waiting for the stores to come on boards

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TRADING LUGGERS OF BAHIA, BRAZIL. some of the boys thought they would try a swim; Daltonstarted in, followed by those who could swim, and theyseemed to be enjoying their bath, when Ryan appeared onthe rail. Now, Ryan thought he would do something thatnone of the others could do, that was to turn a somer-sault ; but he misjudged the distance, and struck flat onthe water, with his face downward, and lay motionless fora minute, then made a sluggish struggle to place himselfright, but he had his month open, and consequently drewin a lot of salt water. I was afraid at first, but when he 68 TO THE ALASKAN GOLD FIELDS. struck out for the side of the vessel my fears vanished,my hopes were realized, and Ryan was safe. The boyscame on board and congratulated him on his escape froma watery grave, and advised him to keep his mouth closedwhenever he dove under water, but it really was a narrowescape from a sad accident that would have ended hisdays. The next day was the first of January, and as ou

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