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How to Find a Niche and Make Money

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For those of you who are interested in internet marketing, you often hear or see the word ‘niche’ tossed around. You are advised by the ‘gurus’ to go out and ‘find a profitable niche market’. So you begin your quest on how to find a niche. But what is a niche?

Definition of a Niche

According to Wikipedia:  ‘A niche is a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector’. So what I take that to mean is that ‘Diet’ is not a niche, but ‘vegetarian diet’, or ‘low fat diet’ is. To break it down even further, ‘raw food vegetarian diet’ or ‘low fat diet for men’, is to even become more narrowly  defined and niche focused.

Finding A Profitable Niche

Its not enough to know how to find a niche but how does one find a profitable niche? A reporter once asked Willie Sutton, a bank robber in the 1930’s,  “Why do you rob banks?”     Willie looked at him incredulously and said, ” because that’s where the money is.” To make money in internet marketing, you need to find out where the customers are. Let’s go  with our previous example, ‘Diet’. Put this into the amazing Google search engine and you will see tons of advertisers for diet, dieting. That means there quite a bit of money to be made there. But also take a look at how many pages – I just looked and there are over 292,000,000 related pages. That is not a niche market, and unless you have quite a large budget, there is no way you are going to find yourself getting any decent search engine rankings for quite a while, if ever.

Drill Down Further

If we put in ‘vegetarian diet’ that brings us down to 16 million pages. Still quite a bit of competition, but a niche non-the-less.   Next I put in ‘low fat vegetarian diet’. Now we are down to 600,000 competing pages and still plenty of advertisers. Its starting to look good. Next, put quote marks around “low fat vegetarian diet”, this makes the search engines see it as an exact search. Wow, we are down to 17,000 pages and there are still plenty of sponsored ads. Smaller number of competitors yet there are still advertisers. Take note that if there are no companies buying advertising space,there is a reason for it. You can be pretty sure that someone has already tried, and got out pretty quick.

So it looks like we have a focused niche where we can possibly get ranked by the search engines fairly quickly and be able to make some money.

Understanding Your Niche

One reason people search for information on the internet is that they have options. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “get a second opinion”. And that, essentially, is what the internet is all about. People have many options available to them and if you don’t really know what you talking or writing about, it can easily become really apparent. So why will people buy something from you, let alone even stay on your site? So do your research! I repeat, do your research!

Don’t be in a hurry, because if you don’t do it right, right from the beginning, later you will find yourself having to revamp everything. Worse, you may even become discouraged and give up.

This a just one formula that you can not only use if you were puzzled on how to find a niche, but also help you to find a profitable niche.

Be Fearless

Billy Ojai

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