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2014 Bristol’s new Southmead Hospital
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Image by brizzle born and bred
IT marks a huge milestone for healthcare in Bristol. The city’s flagship hospital is now fully open following nearly 600 patients being moved into the new £430 million Brunel building over the last three weeks.

For almost a decade, planners, builders and health bosses have been working together to ensure every meticulous detail was in order.

However, teething problems have continued to take the gloss off the opening of the new hospital.

The new fire alarms are so sensitive that in some wards they have been going off several times a day, causing patients to be evacuated.

Almost three weeks ago the first patients from the old Southmead Hospital were wheeled, under green army tents stretching 80 metres, into the bright, airy Brunel building. This sparked a series of transfers which saw 540 patients, from Frenchay and Southmead, being re-homed at the hospital.

Everything from Frenchay’s world class burns unit to its neurological department will now be based at Southmead’s Brunel building. Around 650 lorry loads of equipment was moved, using 5,500 big blue crates.

While the majority of the building was ready on time, the health trust was forced to rearrange 180 operations due to technical problems with its high-tech air flow.

Three glass atriums make up the main body of the building. Each area has been divided into airport styled gates and coloured codes to help with navigation.

£250,000 spent on Southmead’s ‘unreadable clock’

NHS bosses have been criticised for spending £250,000 on a clock for the atrium of the new hospital at Southmead that staff say is impossible to read.

The clock displays the time through 12 illuminated rings suspended in each of the Hospital’s three atriums.

Southmead Hospital have defended the sculpture, designed by artist Tobias Rehberger. Chief Executive Andrea Young says that the piece cost a small proportion of the new hospital’s arts budget, and that visitors have responded well to the design.

The light sculpture, which also doubles up as a binary clock to enable people to tell the time in a fun way, fills the large space of the three atrium areas of the Brunel building. We think it is stunning and are delighted to have a work by an artist with an international reputation inside our new hospital.

The installation can be seen by both outpatients and visitors passing through the atrium areas as well as patients in the rooms overlooking them, providing a pleasant distraction.

The Tobias Rehberger sculpture cost a total of £242,500, which includes installation costs.

The total arts budget for the new hospital was £1,148,500 and includes 15 arts projects in the Brunel and a two-year arts festival. This represents just 0.2 per cent of the cost of the new hospital building and is below the Percent for Art Scheme recommended by the Arts Council of England.

Spending money on the arts programme was one of the conditions set by Bristol City Council as part of the planning approval, and we think the many works of art inside and around the building have helped create a pleasant and healing environment that our patients deserve.

As one of Europe’s leading hospitals we wanted the art to be in keeping with the stunning new building.

It is a community space and we want the community to come in and enjoy the art works.

The vast majority of people who have visited the new hospital have commented on how beautiful the installation is and the three monkeys by the emergency department have also proved very popular with visitors.


Southmead Hospital is in the wrong place

As Southmead Road is congested during the working day and is gridlocked during the rush hour I am seriously concerned how emergency vehicles will get patients to the new department in any good time. Just to make matters worse I see that in recent weeks the local authority has put more road furniture, traffic islands, in Southmead Road making it impossible for ambulances to overtake stationary traffic.

It’s all very well moving A and E from Frenchay Park Road which at all times of the day had reasonable road access, to a new location with bright new cubicles but if the patients are dead on arrival due to traffic hold ups I think someone has got the planning seriously wrong.

Eddie Smith Chipping Sodbury

EDDIE Smith of Chipping Sodbury is quite correct about congestion in Southmead. Southmead area is congested. However this point concerning congestion was raised at meetings when possible sites for a new hospital were being considered many years ago. I doubt if any of the hospital board will remember this as most of them were not in office then, but it may be minuted somewhere in the records.

At the time it was pooh-poohed by the powers that be at that point, because a traffic survey by ‘experts’ said the problems could be overcome. Bristol City Council could/would help by reorganising traffic routes, forbidding parking on local roads, etc.

The traffic survey was later withdrawn and we all know that the city council is anti-car. However, it was by then too late and we are now where we are. Southmead is difficult to get to unless you are very local and when you get there, parking for patients, staff and visitors is almost non existent. Buses are not much help, especially if you are unwell, disabled or elderly. Taxis are expensive. Although ambulances can carve their way through traffic it does slow them down. Helicopter transport is for exceptional cases. The trust board were warned at the time of all the potential problems but these were pushed to one side and we are now left with an ongoing problem for the foreseeable future. Who forgot about the ‘Golden Hour’? Anyway, we now have a beautiful, shiny, new, state-of-the-art hospital – in the wrong place.

J F Britton Frenchay

Southmead Hospital: "Illegal parking

CARS parked illegally near Bristol’s new flagship hospital are putting lives at risk, it has been claimed. Employees at the £430 million revamped Southmead Hospital have been forced to scavenge for spaces due to the hospital trust not allocating enough parking bays.

Staff have resorted to mounting their vehicles on pavements around the Horfield side of the site – sometimes blocking pathways for pedestrians.

The Bristol Post has been told of mothers with babies and disabled people in wheelchairs having no alternative than to walk on the road.

A lack of parking spaces has plagued the hospital since it first opened in May.

Since it first opened almost three weeks ago the building has been hit with a number of controversies. First, a lack of parking spaces led to complaints from staff, patients and nearby residents who said cars left by people going to the hospital were blocking their roads.

Then technical problems with the operating theatres meant 180 people had their procedures rearranged.

Mating seagulls (flying-rats) smash roof at Bristol’s new Southmead Hospital

It has been hit by technical hitches and parking complaints but the latest problem to hit the new £430 million Southmead Hospital has come from a completely unexpected direction: above.

The flagship Brunel building, filled with state-of-the-art facilities and built to a pioneering design, is under airborne attack from mating seagulls.

The birds, who are at the end of their breeding season, have smashed the glass roof at the top of the hospital atrium by dropping stones on it from above.

The stones have smashed some of the panels despite attempts by the building’s contractors to scare them away.

Southead Hospital – The History

The hospital opened in 1902 as a 64 bed workhouse for poor sick people. By 1911 there were 520 beds.

During World War I, the facilities were used as an army hospital.

The facilities reverted to a workhouse in the early 1920s and were then greatly extended to accommodate all the sick.

In 1924, the Southmead Infirmary was built and was later renamed Southmead Hospital. The hospital has been greatly expanded and now covers 60 acres.

In 2005, another expansion was planned which included moving some services from Frenchay Hospital to the Southmead site. This resulted in Frenchay Hospital being downgraded to a Community Hospital. The project should be finished in late 2013 and its expected to open in April 2014.

Full approval for the project was given by the NHS South West board in January 2009. In 2010, it was announced that Carillion was to design and build the hospital.

The new hospital, built at the cost of £430 million, will bring all the departments and services under one roof. As of Summer 2012, the hospital’s exterior was completed and made water tight.

Do you have an opinion on the new Southmead Hospital?

Finding a Profitable Niche.

The first thing that you should do is stop reading this right now and go get a notepad and a pen or pencil which ever floats your boat. OK, now you need to think of all the things you are passionate about or ones that interest you. To start out you really should write things down that you know a little or a lot about, it will make things a lot easier for you in the long run. The reason being that if your trying to make money at something you know very little about, then your going to have to learn as you go and put in the work at the same time which could be very time consuming and cause you to give up before you get results.

These things can be anything from a hobby to a profession. If you know a lot about your profession and are passionate about it then this would be the best place to start if you ask me. The reason I say this is because of the current state of the economy. There are people out there that are trying to figure out what to do now and are having to switch careers, because what they used to do isn’t in demand anymore. A hobby or anything your really in to will work just fine though.

Here’s a list of professions as an example of what I’m talking about. Once you do your research and are ready to start making money, you can do video tutorials to get traffic or start a membership blog and offer courses that you can sell teaching people how to do these things. Some not only may help them find a new career, but also may just help them save money by doing these things at home instead of paying someone to do them. For Instance:

Hairstylist: Someone may have always wanted to be a hairstylist and aren’t sure if they should go to a school for it. You can be the school they go too. They may just want to learn this to save money by cutting their own families hair.
Mechanic or Automobile Repair: For the same reasons listed in the first example
Child Care

The possibilities are endless and if more people new about this instead of all the get rich quick, just take a survey schemes, more people would be making money and I believe, saving this economy quickly.

Now that you have your list the next thing you need to do is go to the Google AdWords keyword tool. When you are there you simply type in your niche idea into the search box. This can be one word or a phrase, then you will click the button that says ” Get Keyword Ideas.” Once you have done this you will see a whole list of words and phrases. Now what you should do is go to the top of that list where you see the different categories and where it says “Local Search Volume” mouse the cursor over that and click it. This will list the keywords and phrases from the most searched to the least searched terms and words.

What you will be looking for here is how many searches there are in a month for that word or phrase. I would say that a profitable niche will have at least 50,000 or more. ( Give or Take) Another thing that you can look at are all the different phrases that the tool generates. If you have selected a niche that might seem like there is too much competition, you can then look through this list for a sub or micro niche in that area.

The next thing you’ll want to look at is the “Advertiser Competition” category to see how much competition is in that niche. Competition is a good thing and tells you that there is money to be made, but if it’s over competitive you may want to go with the next thing on your list of interests. Under this category you’ll want to look at the rectangles that are partially filled with green. This means the competition is lower than if the rectangle or box is totally filled with green. If just about every word or phrase has a box that is filled with green, than this niche and sub niches are too competitive and I would suggest moving on to another topic on your list. You can always come back to it later after you start making money or if you are really passionate about this particular topic and really want to go with it just understand that your going to have to do double of what you would normally do to promote it and get traffic.

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