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How to make money buying and selling domain names

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Title: From the Earth to the Moon direct in ninety-seven hours and twenty minutes, and a trip round it
Year: 1874 (1870s)
Authors: Verne, Jules, 1828-1905
Publisher: New York : Scribner, Armstrong
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ng the spectacle of the casting, and theywere treated to nothing but smoke. This was sorry food forhungry eyes; but Barbicanc would admit no one to that opeiation.Then ensued grumbling, discontent, murmurs; they blamed the Pre-sident, taxed him with dictatoiial conduct. His proceedings weredeclared un-American. There was very nearly a riot roundStones Hill; but Barbicane remained inflexible. When, however,the Columbiad was entirely finished, this state of closed doorscould no longer be maintained; besides it would have been badtaste, and even imprudence, to affiont the public feeling. Bar-bicane, therefore, opened the enclosure to all comers; but, true tohis jM-actical disposition, he determined to coin money out of thepublic curiosity. It was something, indeed, to be enabled to contemplate thisimmense Columbiad; but to descend into its depths, this seemed tothe Americans the ne plus ultra of earthly felicity. Consequently,there was not one curious spectator who was not wilHng to give

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TAMPA TOWN AFTER THE UNDERTAKING. rp. M.1 THE COLUMBIAD. 83 himself the treat of visitiug the iuteiioi- of this metallic abyss.Baskets suspended from steam-cranes permitted them to satisfytheir curiosity. There was a perfect mania. Women, children,old men, all made it a point of duty to penetrate the mysteriesof the colossal gun. The fare for the descent was fixed at fivedollars per head ; and, despite this high charge, during the twomonths which preceded the experiment, the influx of visitorsenabled the Gun Club to pocket nearly 500,000 dollars ! It is needless to say that the first visitors of the Columbiadwere the members of the Gun Club. This privilege was justlyreserved for that illustrious body. The ceremony took place onthe 25th September. A basket of honour took down the Presi-dent, J. T. Maston, Major Elphinstoue, General ^lorgan, ColonelBlomsberry, and other members of the club, to the number ot tenin all. How hot it was at the bottom of that long tube ol metal!They were hal

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When it comes to buying and selling domain names there are a few things you need to know. The first thing you need to know is where to buy domain names. I like to use GoDaddy for most of my domains, but other than that I will search webmaster forums and see what domains people are selling and see if I can think of a great use for them. Finding domains that are good is going to be tough because the best selling domains are those that are short, mean something, remember able, and either have the .com, .net. or .org extensions.

Once you find that domain name you think will bring in some money start listing it on webmaster forums, craigslist, ebay, and flippa. The reason you want to list the domain name on many different sites is so that more people will see it and the greater chance you will get the domain sold quickly. When it comes to domain names they are just like real estate, you don’t want to have your money and time tied up in one domain name for a long time. One of the things I would highly suggest doing is buy a website and list all the domain names with the prices for each one on it. Doing this will really save you time since you won’t have to list all your domains, just list the website and a few bigger domain names.

Now that you know where to go to find domain names to buy and sell you need to get some money together to start your collection of domains. I would suggest starting with at least 10 different domain names that way you don’t waste your time only promoting one single name. Be sure to check out this link of you want more ideas to make money with your domain names.

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