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If you only knew my mind was spinning[Day304]*
how to make money on the internet
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Day one official 4-6 weeks of this cast beast. It took me 14 minutes to make a PBJ and 3 knifes hit the floor covered in cat hair doom before I was done! I don’t know what to make of this, I’ve already hit stir crazy. I can only watch so much TV….as almost everything else I enjoy is slightly complicated to do now! I’m hoping despite the huge money woes I can find a way to get some audio books.

Also I decided no NaNoWriMo for me despite how badly I wanna, it would be stupid. I already cut my internet use in half.

Let’s set the scene, the world is in a recession, times are tough, and guess what everybody is looking for how to make money eBooks to battle the credit crunch. Ok maybe not everybody, but people are really looking for ways to elevate their financial problems. Do I smell an opportunity here?

While many people are indeed looking toward the internet in order to find how to make money eBooks the guys selling these books are scoring very big. In no other time is it as easy to sell these products then in times of turmoil and uncertainty. And that’s exactly why you should get your finger in this pie as soon as possible.

Let me break it down for you so you can see just how easy it is to make serious money on the internet. See the great thing about internet marketing is that you don’t need a product or take on any risk. How do I do that? Well, as an affiliate of someone that wrote a how to make money eBook all you have to do is promote that book. And get paid handsomely for it.

Let’s say that you are promoting a product that sells for $ 50, and the commission is 50%, and they frequently are due to the negligible cost of electronic products. That means that you get a cool 25 bucks for each and every how to make money eBook that you help sell. And guess what, you don’t take any risk for that sale, no responsibility at all.

Now boys and girls, let’s say that you are able to sell only a measly 200 of these books through your simple marketing efforts. That brings your grand total to a respectable $ 5000 in a single month. That’s $ 60 000 a year from promoting a single how to make money eBook

Now let’s do the calculation with a $ 75 product and this time you are getting 75% commission on every sale you initiate. And yes, getting 75% commissions on a product is quite common on the internet. And for arguments sake you again initiate 200 sales of this how to make money eBooks. That’s $ 55, roughly, per pop and a cool $ 11 000 every month or $ 132 000 a year. Might I remind you that you are still only promoting a single product with no risk to yourself?

The irony in this is that you will have to buy a one of these eBooks to fully educate yourself in how to go about promoting how to make money eBooks and/or other online electronic products. So read a decent review on a few of them and then get cracking. If you believe in the eBook that you bought and use effectively then it should be very easy to promote it passionately to other people

You can read some reviews of good how to make money ebooks here. They will help you to get started now and make some serious money. And as I gather your first how to make money ebooks at this link is free, and you can even sell it if you want!

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