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How To Make Money on eBay With Digital Products – No Shipping, No Handling

You’re probably thinking that it’s a strange title  and goes against everything that eBay stands for. Well fret not, because I’m about to explain how people like you make money from eBay without shipping or handling products in any way. And by handling I mean not touching it or feeling it.

How do they do it. They use something called eBay classified ads. These ads aren’t like your normal listings on eBay. Nobody will be bidding on your product and you won’t need to trot off to the post office to send their item.

What you basically do is promote what will call in the industry  a digital product. This can take a few forms such as a information supplied in PDF form, a video presentation or even software.

You may or may not realize that there are people out there willing to pay a lot of money for information if it can sort out an urgent problem such as acne or weight loss and are more than willing to pay to get hold of further information in the form of a digital product.

This is where the classified ad comes in.The eBay classified ad allows you to produce a simple sales page detailing all the features and benefits about your product and you can either put a link to the web page you’re promoting, an email address for people to contact you personally or even your phone number. Either way its your choice.

Once your customer uses one of these methods to contact you for further information they’ll be directed to a sales page where they can view the product and then make a purchase. This purchase will be delivered to them in digital form with no shipping or handling from you at all. Can you believe it? Not only have you not had to ship the item you haven’t had to package the item in any way.

Do you see how powerful this is. For those who are looking to work from the comfort of their home without any inventory or customer service, then this simple but effective technique has got to be the one for you!

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I’ve just completed my brand new guide to making money online.

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