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How to Make Money Online – 7 Ways to Get Joint Venture Partners

how to make money on the internet
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First introduction of the Caring Currency –


Caring Currency Project – a Fun and Exciting opportunity to be happier, make more friends find meaning in your life and build your reputation as being Part Of the Solution (POS) in business, society… JOIN US, and make China and the world a better place.

(How China Saved the World)

How? Help us create, develop and share the “Caring Currency” ecosystem – a much needed complimentary and alternative ecosystem to the high stress, high pressure, low satisfaction lifestyles we are living today. Become Part Of the Solution, create a Caring Currency used in a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

We live in ecosystems – Cultural, Financial and Environmental…they’re all related and interdependent. Actually, everything is dependent on our Environmental Ecosystem, because without food, water and air there is no human culture or opportunity to do business and support the human world we’ve created. Caring Currency will fill the gaps and connect the dots, making our lives meaningful.

The BLOCKCHAIN is the brilliant underlying technology of Bitcoin, creating a world-wide, peer-to-peer medium of exchange, accounting system with methods to store value. Build your reputation in a trustless system – no third party, but instead a face-to-face and peer-to-peer people-oriented platform. Caring Currency has priceless, special values – human values.

What about business? Show Me the Money…
Smart people realize that money is only money. You can’t eat or drink it. You can’t have a conversation with it, and as much as we need it and want it, it distorts our perspectives and controls our lives in many negative ways. The pursuit of money alone hurts us and the planet we depend on.
Caring Currency is a financial business on the BLOCKCHAIN – the home of the Republic Of Conscience.

Caring Currency is a New, Parallel World – in the Republic Of Conscience
Hard to define in old terms, nothing comparable to the Republic Of Conscience has existed until the connectivity of the internet and accounting of the BLOCKCHAIN made it possible… Old financial terms and structures that existed prior to the BLOCKCHAIN and Bitcoin – Money, Security, medium of exchange etc. will be naturally updated to freely serve people around the world in new ways.

Although we live different nations, with all their opportunities and restrictions, we can free ourselves from those burdens by changing our attitudes, outlook and decision-making criteria. Caring Currency expresses the Freedom of our individual State Of Mind in the Republic Of Conscience.

FUN…and Education
With a variety of fun coin names like KuaiLeBi (Happy Coin) and DUCKeCOIN, Caring Currency is (1.) first meant to bring light-hearted fun and smiles to people’s faces and make their lives and relationships happier, and (2.) secondly, exercise the practice of giving back to society, building generosity, social cohesion and harmony. (3.) Thirdly, give the masses practical, technical experience with virtualcurrency, wallets and transferring values through the BLOCKCHAIN.


What is most important to you? Money or Friends?

I have a question for you… can you buy friends?

Some people think they can, but the quality of those friendships are always very poor.

However, you can definitely “invest” in friendship by INVESTING IN YOURSELF. (To find more friends, you must invest in learning to BE a friend!)


Take CARE of yourself,
Invest in yourself…

YOUR NETWORK – Join the leaders of the new world based on the BLOCKCHAIN…
YOUR EXPERTISE – the BLOCKCHAIN is less than 5 years old, you know more than most people!
YOUR SKILL SET – this is your opportunity to experiment, test and try new things!
YOUR RELATIONSHIPS – improve your relationships by improving yourself.
YOUR WEALTH – build a fortune to live a secure and meaningful future.
YOUR AMBITION – Helping others reach their positive goals, will provide the platform and resources for your ambitions.


We are developing a new way to “buy friends” and gain respect – winning their hearts and minds through appreciation and “gifting” through the Caring Currency ecosystem.

Some people call it “Pay It Forward” but simply put, we’re developing a system of quantifying, distributing and recycling our goodwill. Join us and learn more.

What we need: Your skills, passion and commitment.

The benefit to you… Participating with passionate people, where you will find inspiration to create your own state of mind, money-making businesses and spinoffs.

What you need to do – no experience necessary!
Show your courage, commitment and support – Send us a 3 Finger Photo of yourself, and a brief explanation of your skills and how you want to use your skills to create a Caring Currency for a better world. Don’t forget to smile_!/

Having joint venture partners is one of the best ways to have a successful internet marketing business…one of the best ways how to make money online. Here are my tips on 7 ways to get joint venture partners.

# 1: Go to Live Events

This is huge. People respond to you in person. It is easier to develop a relationship, build some trust, when you meet someone face-to-face.

Live events happen all around the country (and world) and some are expensive and others are really cheap. You don’t have to go to every event…I will show up for maybe 5 or 6 in a row and then none for a year…it depends on your budget and schedule…but get out and make connections.

#2: Pick up the Phone

People are surprisingly easy to reach by phone. Often their web sites will have a phone number. Most businesses…nine times out of ten…they love to hear from customers and are really easy to reach.

#3: Send a Letter

Send a card, a note, a letter… maybe send it FedEx…nobody throws away a FedEx package unopened!

Let them know who you are and what you want to do. Then see if you can talk to them on the phone about the idea.

#4: Buy Their Stuff

Get on their radar by being their customer. It it’s really important that you get their attention buy their most expensive product. It is no guarantee that you’ll be able to work with them, but believe me, they will at least read your email or a note from you.

Don’t be short-sighted about this–consider it an investment!. It may cost you some money up-front, but if they end up promoting for you, and you stand to make a lot more from that, then it was a good investment.

#5: Make Them Money

Promote their stuff and make sales. That will get their attention. Build your list first, get traffic to your site, then promote…one at a time…stuff from all the people you want to work with. Join their affiliate programs and make them money. It is human nature to want to help people who help you…so help them first!

#6: Leapfrog

In any niche there are A players. Below that there are B players, then the C players. The A players are the ones with the biggest, most responsive lists…and they are going to be the toughest to reach. So start off with the C players.

Have some successes with the C players and then you will get an introduction to some B players. Have some successes there and then get introduced to the A players…have some successes there and now YOU are an A player!

#7: Grow Your Own

Gather your own group of friends…people you enjoy working with and talking with. Maybe there are 4 or 5 of you…help each other out. Promote for each other.

Even if you start off small, if you can start passing traffic back and forth, start passing leads, sales, commission, you start to build your own network…a group of people who are saying good things about you.

Use as many of these ways to get joint venture partners as you can. This is not a case where you have to choose just one method. Not that you want to try them all at once! The idea is…if you want to know how to make money online…be creative and meet people…work together and you can grow your business and everyone can have success!

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