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How to Make Money Online by Proven Methods of Successful Internet Marketers – Part IV – Game Testing

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how to make money on the internet
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Technology is moving at the speed of mind. Business is moving at the speed of sales. Online Businesses are the power of both. This is the Fourth in a series of learning the many types of successful online businesses in the age of the internet. This article discusses “Software/Game Testing”.

A “Software/Game Tester” evaluates video games to identify software defects. This is part of the quality control analysis in video game and software development. It can be a great way to make money online if you are of the right mindset , love computers and games on computers.

The drawbacks to this category for making money on the internet are:

(1) Start-up costs

(2) Technical knowledge and being computer savvy

(3) Gamer mentality and dexterity

(4) Love of spending long hours with a keyboard and mouse testing, testing, testing

If this sounds like fun then you likely are a member of the “X” generation and grew up with computers in your house. You understand that “alienware” isn’t something aliens wear but actually a computer designed for gamers. You know that graphics cards with lots of memory, maximum RAM and ultra fast processors are essential to gaming and testing. All this requires very top end computers that are expensive and require the ability to upgrade to be compatible (work with) the software being tested.

For someone who loves gaming and software, this way to make money online is a dream job. But, you have to recognize the testing you will be doing isn’t to have fun but to truly evaluate the game/software and meticulously identify bugs (defects).

You will see claims on the internet saying that testers can make as much as $ 300 an hour. That is the exception and until you have become a proven tester this isn’t going to happen overnight. But if you are willing to jump in and get a company to recognize your skills, $ 30 to $ 50 an hour can be negotiated.

Next time, I will discuss ” LinkShare Applications ” in the series “How to Make Money Online by Proven Methods of Successful Internet Marketers. This will be Part V.”

Making money online is an opportunity anyone can embark upon. Doing it successfully is the challenge that all adventurous entrepreneurs must learn. Learning from those who have made their fortunes is a great start and the internet is a vast untapped frontier of opportunity. Your success is directly proportional to your effort. What you need is a coach to help motivate you to a successful online business with optimal effort. If you want to learn how to build a successful “Affiliate Marketing” business online go to 4-Day Money Making Blueprint. If you want to make money Gaming or Software Testing go to Gamer Testing Sites.

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