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How to make money with ACN?

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how to make money
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By James Stokes

First let me start off by letting you now how I got started in this business. In early 2009 I got laid off from my job where I was delivering propane gas, and I was making money. I got payed for the time I had saved up from sick days and vacation, and I had just gotten my taxes done, so I had right around $ 2300 to my name. I also had a $ 500 a month truck payment and about $ 300 extra monthly payments. I only collected $ 138 from unemployment so my money was getting gone quick. I had to do something fast. So I met a guy who was in a network marketing business, I told him my story and he said “I have something you should look at” so I checked it out later that week and I joined right then. I was about to be rich.

So what does this have to do with your ACN business?

Well the thing is, that I got started but instead of having a game plan to succeed all I was given was my replicated website and the guy told me to show as many people I can the same presentation that I was shown. I fell flat on my face in this business. It took me about another year and a half to find a mentor to show me what I was doing wrong, and what I had to start doing now to make any money.

But what does this do with how to make money with ACN?

So if you have been in this business for any amount of time you have realized that the old school techniques of wondering around in shopping malls, and inviting all of your friends over for dinner only for them to get pitched a business doesnt really work too good. Dont worry though there is hope, and Im about to show you how I went from pitching my friends and family and scaring them away to learning how to use the internet to take my business to a new level.


So if you are only using online methods to build your business that is a bad thing. Also if you are only using offline methods it is still a bad thing. You can only use one but you are leaving money on the table. The key is to choose your method, online or offline, and blend the other one in. You also want to make money off of the people who dont join your business by having affiliate commisions, building a list of people who you can sell products to over and over again. You want to have a funded proposal system to make money up front to support your business, so you dont have to use your own money from your job to pay your autoship. Using this method, you can take any business that isnt making any money and quickley turn it into a profitable empire.