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Image from page 87 of “Life, art, and letters of George Inness” (1917)
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Identifier: lifeletters00inne
Title: Life, art, and letters of George Inness
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Inness, George
Subjects: Inness, George, 1825-1894
Publisher: The Centry Co.
Contributing Library: Whitney Museum of American Art, Frances Mulhall Achilles Library
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n New Jersey. 47 CHAPTER IV MEDFIELD PERIOD II THE Medfield days were war-times; the CivilWar had just begun. My father was allenthusiasm. He was not fit for service, ashe was not strong. I remember our fears when hewent to be examined for enlistment, and the joy withwhich we received the news that he did not pass. Buthe worked hard in other ways. He raised money andmen; he made speeches in front of the meeting-housenearly every night, and old Tom Barney, who kept thevillage store, and whom I met fifteen years later, toldme my father went to Boston, borrowed one hundreddollars from an art dealer, rushed back to Medfield,and said: Tom, theyve killed all our men. Takethis, and send the poor fellows stockings. Tomadded: I done it conscientious; but I ve always won-dered how they wore em. Pop was a good fellow with the boys who hungaround the village store and used to joke with them.Tom Barney was a quaint character, and in after yearsI spent many an hour listening to him as he drawled 48

Text Appearing After Image:
MEDFIELD PERIOD II out the queer things your father done and the yarnshe used to tell. This was a pet story: George Enness was the smartest fellow that evercome to these parts; he was forever getting off some-thin1 on the boys, and he got one off on me oncet. Yousee, your father come down to the store one winternight when he knowed all the boys would be there,squirt in terbacea juice into the sand-box under thestore stove, and he says, Tom, I had a dream lastnight thats worried me all day; and I d a come downsooner if I had nt been so busy. Of course he waitedtill he knowed all the boys ud be around the stove.Well/ he says, I dreamed I died and I found myselfstanding in front of two roads. One was a greatbroad road, and t other was nothin much more n acow-path. Well, he says, I knowed where they wentto, cause I remember mother used to tell me to takethe crooked road, which led to heaven, for the beautifulstraight road run straight into t other place. Well,says your father, I took the

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