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Is Your Twitter Marketing Making Money on the Internet in a Viral Way

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how to make money on the internet
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The formula for making money on the internet is simple. If you do everything by yourself, you will get only one salary. You have a work. But if you succeed to persuade others to do the work for you, you have an online business and you will earn multiple incomes.

1. Persuade Your Site Visitors To Retweet Your Message.

This the key to Twitter marketing success. Making money on the internetand with Twitter does not require thousands of followers like many think. I would argue that in Twitter marketing, the content quality plus the viral nature of Twitter is the winning combination.

You can have only one follower if you have shared valuable information. Let us take an example. If you have only one follower on the first day of the month and that figure will double every day, i.e. two on the second, four on the third, eight on the fourth etc., you will have twenty million followers on the last day. But that requires quality from the content and marketing.

2. The Viral Marketing Success Depends On The Trust.

Actually Twitter, like all social sites, is run by the trust. You trust in a way people, who you follow and the followers trust on you. To make the viral promotion engine to work, you really need that trust. How can you get it? How to build a bridge from your followers to their followers?

3. A Special Form With The Twitter Competition Or Free Report Is The Answer.

So the target is to make your website visitors to retweet your message to their followers. You can provide a form on your website, which persuade your visitors to tweet your message. Now you can promise a free report or discount coupon to the visitor, if they will retweet your message to their followers. This is the start of the long viral marketing chain.

A very popular system is to run Twitter contests. In an exchange to participate your contest, the visitor agrees to retweet your message. Now the contest participant can promise the same to his followers and this is how the change goes on in a viral way. People are working for you, because they have a motive to do that. The trust has been born.

4. The Twitter Marketing Contest Must Be A Quick One.

As you know the very nature of Twitter is, that it is a quick medium, where everything is happening at this very moment, or it simply does not happen at all. When you run a Twitter marketing contest, you can do like one big company did.

They promised a Nokia handset every day for ten days for those, who retweeted their message. During these ten days they got retweets more than Michael Jacksons death!

The viral marketing nature of Twitter is the key to success and the heart of it is the trust building. By running contest with a nice prize, you can make the trust chain to go on and everything happens very, very quickly.

You just have to think simply, starting from the needs of your target audience. What useful information they need and about what kind of the prize they would be interested in.

And you will get one nice side benefit. The followers of your followers will follow you, because they naturally want a direct contact with the marketer, who offers so nice campaigns with so nice prizes. This will build your follower list quickly.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. When You Plan To Make Money Online With The Social Media, Twitter Marketing As A Viral Medium Offers Great Ways To Make Money Online, When Done Correctly. Visit: Making Money On The Internet