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Title: The Pacific tourist
Year: 1876 (1870s)
Authors: Williams, Henry T Shearer, Frederick E
Subjects: Union Pacific Railroad Company Central Pacific Railroad Company Railroad travel Railroad travel Railroad travel
Publisher: New York : H.T. Williams
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^om LjyE JHWELAtiE The meaning is, Lee Tuck makes cages, andhis workshop is at No. or room IG, in the alleyor court, and it can be reached without climbinglong flights of rickety stairs, and this being hisdwelling also, he is at home at all times. Whether they are more successful in makingpoetry, the reader may determine, from the fol-lowing, which has been attributed to one oftheir scholars, but perhaps erroneously, viz : How doth the little busy bee,Delight to bark and bite,And gather honey all the day,And eat it up at liight. It is even doubtful whether it has been de-rived in any way from Confucius, or any oftheir classics. Instances are told of their honesty to an extentthat is exceedingly rare among American Chris-tians, as of onewho in purchasing a knife select-ed one at a dollar and a half, instead of one athalf a dollar, and received a dollar too much inchange, and discovered the error only after hereached his home. The next day he walked backthree miles to return the money !

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wmm ^m€iFm wQwnmw. 293 IKontljcrs M tlijc ^.wfeg The Yellowstone Park HOW TO REACH IT. Bjr Prof. F. V. Eajden, — IT. S. geological Survejr. The Yellowstone Park is the grandest pleasureground and resoit lor wonderful- scenery on theAmerican Continent, and doubtless the time isnot far distant, when Pacific tourists will makeit one of their most interesting pleasure trips.The word park, naturally brings to the mindof the reader, visions of the park as he finds itin our eastern cities, or in foreign capitals; withits beautiful drives, and its well kept walks, andneatly trimmed grass-plats. In imagination hesees the usual sign-board; with rules and regula-tions, and the warning, keep off the grass.He sees them in imagination alone; for in theYellowstone National Park, roads are few andfar between. Animals untamed, suflicient tofurnish innumerable zoological gardens, wanderat will through the dense pine forests, or baskin the sunlight in beautiful grassy openings,whose surfaces are per

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Blogging is one of the most popular online activities today. Blogs are mostly opinions on something, usually current issues on many topics like politics, business, entertainment, and other specialty subjects dear to the writer’s heart. The savvier of these writers, however, have done something better, making money from blogging.

There are many types of blogs, but they can be categorized into two types:  personal and non-personal. Personal blogs are mostly opinions of the writer on current issues. Non-personal blogs are more into discussions or expositions on business, politics, economics, science and other heady stuff.  

Making money

The most important thing in your blog (which your readers must feel) is your brand, which is you. Even if it is a business blog (or any non-personal type) your readers must still relate to you, in order for them to connect to your blog.

If your readers trust you and you have something meaningful to say, people will listen. Once that is established, you can take it to another level, monetizing your blog.

There are several methods of making your blog make money. The following are some of them.


This is the most common form of getting your blog generate income. If it had gained enough audience and is considered popular in its own niche, it is possible to sell ad space on your own.

For other ordinary blogs, Google’s AdSense or BlogAds make bloggers establish advertising programs. Adsense pays you based on the number of clicks on their ads inquiring further information.

BlogAds hooks the blogger with would-be advertisers and earn their own commission once there would be ad placements on your blog.

Affiliate advertising

This is really selling other people’s products in your blog site. Affiliate programs make your blog a go-between with readers and commercial sites offering various goods and services.

An example is If your blog mentions a book in passing (maybe you were doing a review), the affiliate program provides a means for your readers to click directly from your blog to Amazon to get more information on the book. If a sale is made, you get a commission.


Your blog may solicit contribution from readers for support of causes or issues you are championing in your blog. Your readers may become very loyal to you as to underwrite a little something to whatever your cause is.

PayPal makes it easy to put up an on-site contribution collection button on your site.

Personal service marketing

Some bloggers write their blogs like journals and in-depth essays regarding issues of their groups. Sometimes, these blogs can demonstrate to readers your expertise and abilities in your line of work.

In turn, readers may seek your paid professional advice or outright professional help. This is an add-on advantage (and benefit) while writing your blog.  

Communications medium

After doing your blogs for sometime, you will have deepened your customer relations in your business. Your blog can help bridge closer your relations with your customers.

These better customer relations have the promise of being translated into cash for your business later. This might be intangible at first, but it is almost priceless. Making money from your blogs is not that hard, although it needs constant work.

Daegan Smith is an expert online marketer, trainer, and teacher.

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