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Make Money Online Now!: 100 companies that pay “The biggest problem with making money online, is figuring out where to make it at. You probably already have heard of the different ways you can make money. Well, don’t worry. This book covers it all. In this book, there are resources for everyone. Whether you are […]
Fuck, fuck-fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck, fuck it Image by Heine Christiansen (Jr.) Don`t take it too personal; but I did write it for you. So, you overlooked a tiny detail? Every time you spend MONEY you cast a vote for the kind of world you want? Nothing takes lives like poverty. Ever noticed? Poverty […]
December Diary Project 2011 Image by paloetic The ‘December Diary’ is a project started in London in 1991 between two friends, Reflective Kiwi and Christophe. It became an Annual event which they embarked upon every year since. In 2008 Christophe introduced Reflective Kiwi and the project to the world of Flickr making the December Diary […]