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How to stop people stealing your Photos Image by Pete Foley This is an old shot, grabbed for the archives I was clearing out, and I selected it because a similar shot taken at the same event is one of my most stolen. This morning I did a quick audit on Google images of some […]
decisions decisions, 2007 Image by torbakhopper so i tried my best to watch "an inconvenient truth" last night. but i kept getting LOST in the blizzard of mysteriously vague and barely visible "facts" for instance, camera pans in on stratified ice melting glacier. gore’s comedic overvoice drolling, "you can see each ice layer for each […]
Should You Re-Up With Obamacare? “It's possible to start out the year qualifying for a subsidy and then—if you end up making more money than you thought you would—lose your subsidy eligibility” during the year, says Cynthia Cox, associate director at Kaiser Family Foundation. One … Read more on TIME Frugal Ideas for Leftover Halloween […]