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Image from page 515 of “Outing” (1885)
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Identifier: outing48newy
Title: Outing
Year: 1885 (1880s)
Subjects: Leisure Sports Travel
Publisher: [New York : Outing Pub. Co.]
Contributing Library: Tisch Library
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tank up at the different coffees onthe Avenue Delopera, and to-night wellchasten this antique city and paint her red.Im for my moneys worth, says Brainie,and he give me a leer and jingled the goldin his pockets. What could I do, sir, being weak andeasy led, and Brainie that masterful anddetermined? Sooner than see you make a beast ofyourself, Brainie, says I, Ill drink withyou till I cant see at all, and if you finishesup in the Morgue, says I—and mightysnug youd look on one of them slabs withthe water runnin over you—it wont be forsolitary drinkin, which is against decencyand nature. So we went to the nearest coffee on theAvenue Delopera, and it werent necessaryto go no further. Brainie and me begun by callin for agin-fizz apiece, for there was a sign in Eng-lish which allowed that in that coffee and noother they knowed how to mix Americandrinks. We drank it down, but it werentvery good. So we tried a couple of ryehighballs, and they was no better. And 487 488 The Outing Magazine

Text Appearing After Image:
The first day . . . we went to the Louver. the cocktails we ordered next was worsethan the highballs. Then Brainiesays: Winkie, says he, when youre in Romedo as the Romans do. And I says, Brainie, we aint in Rome,but Im open to anything except anotherAmerican drink. Done with you, says Brainie, and hecheeped to the head-waiter, who was a bust-in Frenchman that talked a little English;and Brainie says: When a French gentleman wants adrink what does he order? I dont meanwhat does he order when he feels like a swigof slops or dishwater, but when his tongueis hangin out of his mouth, and his handsis twitchin, and his feet is restless, and themoney-is burnin his pockets, and he wantsa drink. Absinthe, says the head-waiter,dripped. Whats that? says Brainie. Its long, says I, and its green andcool; for I was better edoocated thanBrainie. Bring two, says Brainie, and they wasbrought. Tastes like the seed-cookies my grand-mother used to make, says Brainie, and hefinished his in two swallers. T

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