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Jiggery Pokery – Darwinism
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Ever since Darwin, enormous amounts of time, effort and money have been expended in the bid to find proof for evolutionary beliefs, but any real evidence remains as elusive as ever.
In spite of this, the supporters of evolution have successfully managed to persuade the general public, and much of the scientific establishment, that evolution has been proven, beyond any reasonable doubt.

However, many, individual scientists have very serious reservations about the way this has been achieved, and by the dubious, scientific nature of much of the evidence which has been regularly presented to the public as ‘proof’ over many years.
Indeed, all sincere scientists should be disturbed by an ideological crusade (carried out in what people believed was the good name of science), which can only be described as a disgrace to science.
The history of the public promotion of evolution is utterly shameful and littered with numerous examples of: inexcusable, scientific error, circular reasoning, indoctrination, disregarding of scientific law, distortion of facts, manipulation and selective interpretation of evidence, preconceived assumptions and even deliberate fraud and faking of evidence.

Here are some of the many examples: –

The Horse Series.
Taught in schools and colleges as a classic proof of evolution. A series of fossils which purported to show the evolutionary progression of the horse’s hoof. It is now revealed as not a proper series at all. It was originally cobbled together from unrelated animals, from different continents, starting with a creature similar to an living animal still living today – an hyrax. Furthermore, the number of rib bones varies up and down from one fossil to the next.

The Peppered Moth.
Data was rigged, and moths were glued to trees (the moths do not naturally rest on trees in daytime) to achieve this ‘proof’ of evolution. Yet an increase in the relative number of darker moths due to selective, predatory, bird action cannot be claimed as an example of progressive (microbes-to-human) evolution. It is merely the selection of a trait already existing in the moth’s gene pool (micro-evolution) and not the creation of any new, genetic information.

Embryonic Recapitulation.
Although the German, Darwinian zealot, Dr. Haeckel, was exposed in the 19th century, for deliberately faking the evidence for embryonic recapitulation, it was still presented as scientific evidence for evolution in school textbooks until very recently.
Adolf Hitler was an avid admirer of the writings of Dr Ernst Haeckel.

Piltdown Man.
This ‘ape-man’ fossil was certified by leading, evolution ‘experts’ as incontrovertible evidence of human evolution, for over 40 years, until it was exposed as a crude and deliberate fake. (the suspected ringleader of the fraud, Fr. Teilhard de Chardln, was also involved in the Java Man & Peking Man discoveries).

Nebraska Man.
Given much media publicity directly before the famous ‘Scopes Trial’ in a cynical attempt to influence the trial. This much hyped, ‘ape-man’ fossil eventually turned out to be just a tooth from a type of extinct pig (peccary)!

Orce Man.
A fragment of fossilised skull was proclaimed as more proof of human evolution from apes. However, the media went strangely quiet, when it was discovered that the fossil had, most likely, come from a donkey!

Primordial Soup.
Text books & the popular media routinely present naturally occurring, spontaneous generation of first life on earth as an accepted fact of science. The well established Law of Biogenesis (which totally rules out such, spontaneous generation of life from non-living matter) is completely ignored, as are; laws of probability and Information Theory (which rules out any natural mechanism for creating the original genetic information in the first, living cells).

Feathered dinosaurs.
The recent, obsessive, media preoccupation with promoting dinosaur to bird evolution as a fact, has been accompanied by an amazing proliferation of ‘feathered dinosaur’, fossil discoveries (mostly from the lucrative, Chinese, fossil-faking industry). It is hardly surprising that they have all failed miserably to live up to the extravagant claims and media ballyhoo whenever the fossils have been allowed a proper, scientifically objective assessment.
Part of the current, dinosaur to bird frenzy (see above). After the usual media hullabaloo had abated, this 1999 ‘dinosaur to bird’ fossil ‘discovered’ in China, was found to have been deliberately faked.

Still regularly promoted as a classic intermediate between reptiles and birds, regardless of the fact that modern type, bird fossils of a much earlier date (evolutionist dating methods) have been discovered. And Archaeopteryx itself is quite obviously just a type of bird, with typical, bird features.

Java Man.
Ape-like fossils found by Dr. Dubois, former pupil of the embryonic recapitulation fraudster Dr. Haeckel. It was declared a human ancestor (homo erectus) on the advice of fraudster, Dr. Haeckel. The find was also visited and verified by the chief suspect of the ‘Piltdown man’ fraud, Fr.Teilhard de Chardin. A later, reported confession by Dubois that the fossils were actually from a giant gibbon is now disputed by evolutionists, but Dubois’ original notes were found to have been suspiciously altered and censored after his death. In spite of these dubious events, evolutionists were reluctant to relegate Java Man to its deserved place in the dusbin of history, and still include it as a human ancestor, in their human, family tree.

2nd Law of Thermodynamics.
Spurious arguments about open and closed systems are used to evade the fact that both the spontaneous generation of life & progressive evolution violate this scientific law. An input of raw (unguided), random energy increases entropy, the opposite of what is required to increase order and complexity.

South West Colorado Man.
Take one fossil tooth of a horse! Add a fertile imagination, wishful thinking and the usual hype, and you have yet another ape-man ancestor and more ‘proof’ of human evolution.

Super bugs.
An increase in antibiotic, resistant bacteria is publicly presented as progressive evolution in action. Regardless of the fact that antibiotic, resistant bacteria have been found in corpses frozen before the use of antibiotics. So here again, adaptive selection of an attribute from an existing gene pool is misrepresented as progressive evolution. There is no evidence of the creation of any new, genetic information which would be essential for upward, microbes-to-human evolution.

Law of Cause and Effect.
An effect shall not be greater than it’s producing cause/s.
The claim that naturally selected, random, genetic, copying mistakes (mutations) could produce the new & highly complex information, which would be required to transform microbes into people, ignores this fundamental law.

Peking Man.
Too much monkey business to relate in great detail here.
However, you should know that the chief suspect of the Piltdown Man fraud, Fr. Teilhard de Chardin also visited and verified this extremely dubious, ape-man discovery.
A fragmentary skull was found at an industrial limestone, burning site (promoted to the public as primitive ‘traces of fire’). The site also contained numerous, crushed, monkey skulls and modern-type, human remains.
The Peking Man, skull fragments subsequently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Fortuitously, for evolutionists, this prevented rigorous examination of the Peking Man fragments, which could have debunked it. So it remains in the evolutionist, family tree as an alleged, human ancestor.

Some other, very dubious ‘human ancestors’ ….
Montana Man.
An extinct dog-like creature.

Nutcracker Man.
An extinct type of ape – (Australopithecus).

The Law of Biogenesis.
This law says that life does not arise of its own volition from sterile matter. It is well established and tested, We rely on it every day in many industries, especially food processing and medical. It has never been falsified, in spite of numerous attempts to do so. Regardless of the proven status of this law, it is disregarded by evolutionists who have invented their own unproven, unscientific law, known as abiogenesis. Abiogenesis says the complete opposite of the Law of Biogenesis. It says that life did arise of its own volition from sterile matter on Earth and will arise from sterile matter wherever environmental conditions are conducive. Abiogenesis assumes (contrary to the evidence) that matter/energy is inherently predisposed to produce life. All that is required is suitable conditions for life, such as the existence of water. There is no explanation of where this puported, inherent predispostion for life comes from, in an allegedly, purposeless universe?

The Orgueil Meteorite.
Organic material, and even plant seeds, were embedded and glued into the Orgueil meteorite and disguised with coal dust to make them look like part of the original meteorite. This was a cynical and fraudulent attempt to fool the world into believing in the discredited, unscientific idea of spontaneous generation of life (abiogenesis), which is essential for progressive evolution to get started. The reasoning being that, if it could be shown that there was some sort of life in space, (abiogenesis) life, arising of its own volition from sterile matter, must have happened in space. This would have enabled evolutionists to declare ‘abiogenesis’ as a scientific fact.

The 1996, Mars meteorite, micro-fossils (ALH84001). Newspaper headlines screamed that scientists had found evidence of microscopic life (biomorphic’ structures, tubule-like objects that look bacteria) in a meteorite from Mars. The meteorite was found on Earth, in Antarctica, but was claimed to have come from Mars.
Evolutionists were ecstatic, about the news – and were wheeled out in droves on to TV programs, to give their opinions on what this evidence meant for the origin of life on Earth and the whole universe. They wasted no time in crowing that they had been correct about abiogenesis on Earth, because if it could happen on Mars, there was no problem with it happening in the more ideal conditions of Earth.
Of course, when it was discovered that the so-called micro-fossils were not fossils at all, but just natural formations, there were no newspaper headlines. It received very little publicity, and many people continued to believe for many years that remnants of life had actually been discovered on a Mars meteorite. This bogus evidence put the search for life on Mars back on the USA, and international, space agenda, which continues to the present day. This was very fortuitous for those seeking government funding for their research. It just goes to show that wishful thinking, based on preconceptions, can apparently make any evidence seem plausible.

The Hopeful Monster theory.
This ludicrous idea was proposed as an answer to the lack of any credible fossil evidence for progressive evolution. It was evolution in big jumps, with enormous changes taking place in a very short time, such as in a single generation, thus leaving no fossil evidence. It was a desperate attempt to explain how microbes-to-human evolution could take place without leaving any evidence.

Punctuated Equilibrium.
An adaptation of the hopeful monster, which proposed periods of rapid evolution, leaving no fossil evidence of intermediates. Followed by long periods of stasis (no evolution), which would result in fossils appearing unchanged for millions of years (so-called ‘living fossils). This was another, desperate attempt to explain how microbes-to-human evolution could take place, whlist leaving no fossil evidence of any evolution.

All sincere scientists and laypersons must ask themselves, why is all this jiggery-pokery necessary? If evolution really did occur and is still occurring, genuine evidence should be overwhelmingly abundant. Anyhow, why is it so important that the public should be persuaded to believe in progressive evolution? If the motive is purely a desire to spread scientific truth, there can be no justification for such dubious tactics.

So, if you have believed the evolution story and trusted the purveyors of evolutionary beliefs to present their evidence objectively … please think again!

Those who support truth and integrity in science should actively seek to liberate science from the domination of Darwinian ideologues, which has led to such an abominable perversion of the true meaning and purpose of science, as the examples above demonstrate. It is essential to restore a genuine search for truth as the guiding principle in science. Science should be liberated from the preconceptions, assumptions and dogma of any ideology. To acheive this it is essential that ALL evidence should be considered fairly, and subjected to the proper, rigorous, scientific scrutiny we have a right to expect in a truly honest and objective environment. Supporters of GENUINE science must agree that ideology & indoctrination should have no place in science. We have to reclaim science from the domination of those who have so abused and exploited it for the benefit of their own agenda and vested interests.

When no evidence is evidence.

Would you credit it ….
As we can see from the examples above, evolutionists are notorious for presenting to the public, very dubious, and even faked evidence in support of evolution.
Bizarrely, there is even an example of evolutionists faking evidence AGAINST evolution. This is obviously a devious and cynical attempt to discredit all the genuine evidence and arguments against evolution.
Is there any underhand tactics they won’t try? The deviousness, and lack of scientific integrity of evolutionists, beggars belief.
Here is an example of evolutionists faking evidence AGAINST evolution.
Onyate Man – Fossil of man being eaten by a dinosaur, and the alleged cover-up …
Jiggery Pokery, indeed.

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