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ENERGY SAVING CHINA DSC_7691 Image by Philip McMaster PeacePlusOne_!/ 800 Pixel size images are suitable for viewing and sharing on the internet. 800像素大小的图片适合放在互联网上观赏和分享。 Contact the McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce for information on the PEACE PLUS ONE – WORLD SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT 如果您想要了解更多“和平+壹——世界可持续发展工程”的相关信息,请联系麦克马斯特可持续发展商务研究所。 If you would like a larger, printable copy of […]
2014 Bristol’s new Southmead Hospital Image by brizzle born and bred IT marks a huge milestone for healthcare in Bristol. The city’s flagship hospital is now fully open following nearly 600 patients being moved into the new £430 million Brunel building over the last three weeks. For almost a decade, planners, builders and health bosses […]
3 Finger Salute of CSR delivered by Dr. Andrew Thomson, BEC (Business Environment Council) DSC_5943 Image by Philip McMaster PeacePlusOne_!/ Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop, held in the conference room of the China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation (CECIC), organized by BEC – Business Environment Council, China Environmental Awareness Program, China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation, included the […]
De Lorean Image by clarksworth I probably should have rubbed the tyres clean. This car, the first RHD prototype the company made, is pretty unique, even going by how rare the right handers normally are. The VIN plate suggests it’s an extremely early car (#510, with the cars starting at #500), and the underbody as […]
Creative Destruction Image by elycefeliz Creative destruction is a term originally derived from Marxist economic theory which refers to the linked processes of the accumulation and annihilation of wealth under capitalism. These processes were first described in The Communist Manifesto (Marx and Engels, 1848) and were expanded in Marx’s Grundrisse (1857) and "Volume IV" (1863) […]