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The Guesthouse-Office (Built in 1921) Image by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠ The windows have been replaced. Been here 20-years. Next pic will be when I finish. It’s built mostly of Cedar to deter termites. I used to live in here, rent the front-house out and sleep on the floor — push chairs out of […]
Making Money at Home: Methods to Make Money with Drawing Portraits: How I Made More than ,000 Selling Art Online and Offline (Ways to Make Money with Art, Selling Drawings) Great ideas that helped me make more money by selling portraits! In the past years, I have made an extra ,000 by selling portraits. The […]
Secrets to Success: Why Done is Better Than Perfect Begin Achieving Your Dreams TODAY! Life is a beautiful miracle full of wondrous moments and miraculous achievements. Do not settle for less! Too many of us have resigned ourselves to a life of drudgery. A prison of nine to five. We erect artificial walls for ourselves […]
How to Write a Book in One Day: A step-by-step guide and strategy to write a quality book in less than 24 hours and tips to help you improve your as a writer. (Kindle, Writing, Speedwriting, Success) For those who want to write a book but don’t have enough time. A quick read that provides […]