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The Top 3 Obstacles That Keep You From Making Money Online

Making money online is wonderful, but it has a great challenge – The only thing stopping you from being a success is yourself.  All of these little challenges pop up along the way, and with no boss or support from co-workers, you’ve got to handle them yourself.  Here are some of the biggest obstacles to success online and what you can do about them.


Obstacle – You Can’t Write (Or Hate Writing!)


To be a success online, you need great content and lots of it.  If you hate writing, this is the easiest hurdle to jump over.  Hire an article ghost writer to take the workload off your hands.  This is something you can outsource and you’ll never have to worry about it again.  Search for writers and test out a few with a small, simple job.  Once you know they can write and they’re reliable, outsource all your content needs to them.


If you’d rather not do this, another option is to buckle down and learn the craft of writing yourself.  If you take this route, spend some serious time on it and put your money-making projects on hold for a while.  Get your writing down pat first, and you can do all of it yourself.


Obstacle – You’re Not A Technical Wizard


I suffer from this myself, even though I’m of the generation that is supposed to be tech-savvy!  There are lots of little technical things you have to learn how to do, and everybody who knows how to do them tells you it’s a piece of cake.  But it can be pretty daunting doing things like making your own website or using keyword software if you’re not naturally technically inclined.


There are lots of free resources out there that make every technical task easy.  The key is to find them and spend some time finding your way around them.  The learning curve may be slow, but stick with it.  It really isn’t hard to do things like learn html tags or web design, but it just takes time to learn.  You can always outsource this stuff too if, like me, you find it’s ridiculously difficult.


Obstacle – You Don’t Like To “Sell Yourself”


It’s hard for lots of people to get out there in front of others and say, “I’ve got just the stuff you need!”  Luckily for us, you don’t have to.  You can now do it through a computer screen instead.  It’s tough to sell your services or product when it’s your first time; then it gets progressively easier.  The key is to make sure you’re confident about what you’re offering.  Bring some real value to the table and offer it to those who can use it.  Go ahead and get your feet wet with your first product, and it’ll get easier from there out.

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